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What Law Teaches us about Parenting

In Vedas, Upanishads, 'Dharma' was NOT Religion, but it was about doing 'Righteous' things. That means, 'Dharma' was being Legally, Morally and Ethically RIGHT. Learn Rights and Wrongs of Parenting here ... Parenting Right way and Un-Learn 'Wrong' Parenting. Its your 'Dharma'!

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Whose Child is it anyway

Great Parenting question 'Whose Child is it anyway?', is already solved. Learn solving this parenting puzzle 'Whose Child is it anyway?', through UNCRC, UNICEF, UNESCO and several Laws of Democratic Nations like - Kenya, America, India, Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, UK ...

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Domain Expert - Join and Share

Are you one of those Domain Experts, who has (a) Knowledge about elements affecting 'Parenting' and (b) a sound belief that its NOT your Child or mine Child, Indian Child, American Child; but it is 'OUR' Child (Concept Courtesy - Neelambar Jha, Advocate, Supreme Court India), then Please Join our Panel of Featured experts.

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Parenting – Rights and Wrongs

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Dear Parents! We are Glad to to see you here. Please get connected with us, so that we may update you upon the launch of this website :-


Parenticking is Parenting Community Organisation Supports Parents through Website, Blog, Forum, Parenting Workshops, Parenting Seminars, etc.
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Parenticking is the Parenting Organisation, built for Indian Parents. Parenticking communicates through Website, Blog, Forum, Community, Social presence, Parenting Workshops, Parenting Seminars. Parenticking is the resource place for Best Advice, Suggestions, Ideas, Useful Tips, Guide, Skills, on all Topics. Parents may also Ask Questions, get Answers and also Search Answers. Parenticking also conducts Online Parent Workshop. Parenticking is the Number one Destination for Parents in India.